Why should I get a screen printed shirt over vinyl?

You may have noticed I am now offering screen printed designs in my shop. The reason for this is because I tried a screen print on a shirt for myself and I loved it. I love the look and feel that the printed design leaves on the shirt. It has a softer hand than vinyl and doesn’t wrinkle or crease the way that vinyl can. I am NOTORIOUS for doing laundry and it NEVER making it into the dresser or the closets. Usually, my laundry stays in the laundry basket and I rummage through it. I hate when I pull out my vinyl shirt and I have to repress or iron it because there is a huge crease in it.

How long will a screen printed shirt last?

These shirts should last the life of the garment and are as durable as vinyl. Don’t get me wrong, the vinyl designs last for a long long time and they look great. Each application has advantages and drawbacks, but they are both really great options for decorating shirts.

I hope you guys try out our new product for yourselves, as always, let us know what you think.

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