Because He Lives Collection Easter and Faith-Based Graphic Tees

Easter is right around the corner and I've put together such a fun Faith-based easter collection. More often than not, I am listening to the JoyFM over any other music station. I spiritual and uplifting music and I LOVE singing about Jesus. I hope you like this collection of graphic tees which I am calling Because He Lives. I will be adding more of these over the next few weeks as well as getting transfers of select designs up on Craftprenuer (still under maintenance).

These shirts are made from vinyl or screen print ink. They are both equally durable, I personally like the feel of the screen print better. Details can be found on the product page. Please be sure to review the product description.

Because He Lives

because he lives
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Why should I get a screen printed shirt over vinyl?

You may have noticed I am now offering screen printed designs in my shop. The reason for this is because I tried a screen print on a shirt for myself and I loved it. I love the look and feel that the printed design leaves on the shirt. It has a softer hand than vinyl and doesn't wrinkle or crease the way that vinyl can. I am NOTORIOUS for doing laundry and it NEVER making it into the dresser or the closets. Usually, my laundry stays in the laundry basket and I rummage through it. I hate when I pull out my vinyl shirt and I have to repress or iron it because there is a huge crease in it.

How long will a screen printed shirt last?

These shirts should last the life of the garment and are as durable as vinyl. Don't get me wrong, the vinyl designs last for a long long time and they look great. Each application has advantages and drawbacks, but they are both really great options for decorating shirts.

I hope you guys try out our new product for yourselves, as always, l...

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